A Hanasaku Iroha Review

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From the beginning, Hanasaku Iroha immediately sets itself apart from other typical shows within the same genres. The show seems to be aware of the tropes and conventions that are usually tied to romance comedy dramas, and so it actively differentiates. Instead of the classic lead up to a love confession, Hanasaku Iroha hits you with one in the first episode, letting the viewer see the aftermath rather than the rising action. When Ohana leaves Koichi without an answer, she changes the fish out of water scenario that would be the first act. Continue reading

First Impressions of Summer Anime 2016

91 Days

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Ooh, a good, old-fashioned mafia-action-murder-mystery-revenge flick! While the premise is pretty basic and the animation isn’t anything special, 91 Days manages to hold my interest with its well-choreographed fight scenes and endless sense of intrigue. Angelo wants vengeance on the people that took his family away from him as a young child, and it seems like he’s willing to do anything in pursuit of that goal. The show knows to give a clear objective so the audience isn’t left feeling aimless and unsure of an actual ending. That being said, 91 Days also knows how to withhold informational, leaving plenty of discoveries for the road ahead. We start knowing that the murders have some tie to the mafia. Other than that, Angelo has to earn the details of his family’s death through his dangerous infiltration of the mafia. He doesn’t know who killed his parents or why, but he will, and that’s what’s so exciting about the show. Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 2 & 3

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Episode 2

I find it odd (and interesting) that Kaizaki so boldly approached Chizuru for the first time. It was the lunch scene; Kaizaki leaves his table of friends to go talk to Chizuru who seems to be at a loss with the cafeteria staff. She can’t get food because she didn’t bring money and she hasn’t yet obtain her special pin which constitutes as a “food pass”. Kaizaki doesn’t know this yet as he walks up to her to check. I guess he expressed a little interest in her from the previous episode, but it didn’t seem like enough to greet her out of the blue like that. Is this supposed to say something about Kaizaki’s character? Somewhere along the line he learned that approaching people, especially girls, was no big deal? And that it’s easy to be straightforward and honest with people right off the bat? I’m not understanding where his attitude comes from, considering he’s a NEET I wouldn’t expect this extroverted behavior. That being said, I like where it ended up. They had very delightful conversation and revealed more of what Chizuru is like, sparking what seems to a very promising friendship down the road. I just thought his motivations in this part were a little fuzzy and/or untold, which was strange considering the show has done a pretty good job so far of expressing what’s on Kaizaki’s mind via inner-monologues and such. Continue reading

Hanasaku Iroha and Dodging Expectations | The Movie Arch (Episodes 16-17)

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Hanasaku Iroha is a great anime that does a lot of peculiar things to set itself apart from the genres it’s tied to. Be it slice of life, comedy, romance, or drama, this show knows when to avoid classic tropes, and when to playfully indulge in them. The movie arc is a clear example of the evasion of narrative tropes, taking a somewhat familiar setup and giving it a much more subtle and unexpected conclusion instead of a simple but contrived ending. Continue reading

NEW GAME!, Episode 2 | Why I Dropped NEW GAME!

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Before I get into why this show is dumb (I don’t like it), I want to say that I’m going back on my decision to review this episodically. Instead, I think I’ll go for the much more appealing ReLIFE, of which I’m actually starting to really enjoy. It’s funny how the first episode of a show can tell you almost nothing, and how stupid it is to try and judge a show based on one episode. I of course already knew this (super pretentious), but I thought I’d make a game out of it and test my luck. That failed, as I picked what was in hindsight the obvious loser. So with that said, I’ll be reviewing ReLIFE week by week starting with a two episode review special to catch up. Should be a fun time, and my first episodic review of a rom-com series! It’s my absolute favorite genre, so you can expect my write-ups to be unapologetically biased. Continue reading

Skullgirls 2nd Encore Review

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you may have seen that I’ve been recently appointed as a Staff Member for The Vita Lounge, a fan website for everything PlayStation Vita. I’ve been a gamer for almost as long as I can remember and a proud PS Vita owner for a few years now. Writing for a gaming site has been a dream of mine for quite a while now, and so it came as a great honor when I received this editorial position. This is my first review for the site, and I just wanted to share it as many of my friends as possible. If you’re reading this (and not for some ulterior motive or just plain out of spite), or if you’ve read any of my other work here on There Goes My Kokoro, you are my friend…whether you like it or not :3

P.S. – I’ll try not to shill my posts from other sites here too often. That’s what Twitter’s for.