ReLIFE, Episode 9

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Kariu is taking her frustrations out on people again, and that just makes me want to take my frustrations out on her. Did she not learn from that whole bag stealing business from a couple episodes back? Apparently not, because ReLIFE didn’t even bother to flashback it (which the show seems to be very keen on doing overall). Still, it’s happening again, which means Kaizaki has to come to the rescue again…except this time he doesn’t know how to approach the problem. Continue reading


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Here’s a short story I wrote for a creative writing class I took last semester and posted on DeviantArt a couple days ago. There might be more stories in the future…but it probably won’t be anytime soon. Hope you can enjoy this one though! And I’d also love to here feedback if you have any.

Check it out here!

Attention to the Obvious – An Anime Trope

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You’ve probably noticed it before too, right? Those moments where something funny, shocking, silly, or whatever absolutely needs to be brought to your attention, so much so that a simple close up or basic body language portrayal isn’t enough to get the point across? I’m talking about bringing attention to the obvious, something I find more abundant in anime than in any other form of story-based entertainment. Now, I know it’s partially (if not mostly) a cultural thing with Japan, where the acknowledgement the little things in life is a very common notion. Saying “oishii” when your meal is delicious and “kawaii” when you see your normally tomboyish childhood friend in a stunning festival yukata is perfectly fine. However, there are times when I start to feel that some of these thoughts would be better off not spoken. Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 8

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Why is Kaizaki still struggling in school? Is he just an idiot? He’s seems quite in tune when it comes to solving the problems of other people, so what is it that keeps him from solving the problems of a high school test? While there does seem to be a reason narratively for his continued failures (and I’ll get to that later), there doesn’t seem to be a reason for his ineptitude as character. We don’t get to look at the contents of his test or the details of his study regimen. All we know is that Oga is a great student, but even he can’t seem to help Kaizaki for some reason. Continue reading

Expectations of an Audience: Flashback Edition

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We often talk about what we as an audience expect from our entertainment (in this case, anime). We expect there to be a certain level of quality, from animation to the musical score. While we don’t always know exactly where our individual borderlines for “good” and “bad” stand, we do feel it when something lives up or falls short to our standards. But what if we look at this from a different perspective? What do creators/meddling publishers think of us? What is their standard for an audience, and are they underestimating us? Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 7

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We’re finally getting a look into Kaizaki before the ReLIFE program, and interestingly enough, it’s through Ryou’s moments leading up to their first confrontation. Kaizaki is Ryou’s second chance, as his first test subject didn’t produce much results. That we already knew. What we didn’t know however, is that the outcome of the first experiment may have had something to do with Ryou’s mishandling of the situation. Ryou feels somewhat responsible for what happened, as during the experiment he was torn between two approaches for supporting his test subject: hands on or hands off. He was rattled by his employer’s judgment as well, but ultimately he feels that it was his fault. Continue reading

Issues With Orange

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Orange is probably going to be one of the more popular shows this season, given the manga’s acclaim and marketing already put into it, plus the broad appeal of high school romances in general. Not only that, the manga was so readily available thanks to Crunchyroll’s manga e-reading service, so when this show got an adaptation I figured it’d be a hard one to miss. Continue reading