ReLIFE, Episode 13

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Before we get into the surprising (and exciting) narrative developments within the final episode of the first (and probably not intended last) season of ReLIFE, let’s first give a little attention its overall animation quality. ReLIFE hasn’t really been much of a visual spectacle in all of the episodes leading up to this point. It was clear that the show had somewhat of a low budget from the get-go, and a lack the ingenuity to still make something extraordinary within its confinements. Now, I wouldn’t characterize the visual art of the show as anything less than pleasing, but it’s certainly nowhere near the top dogs of the industry in terms of creating immersive and awe-inspiring scenery and sequences. Continue reading

Final Thoughts on Anime Summer 2016

This Art Club Has a Problem!

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This Art Club is by far my favorite show this season. It’s a delightful comedy-romance with a fair range of enjoyable characters. There are a handful of fun side characters that dip into the show occasionally, and then there’s the main cast of loveable weirdos that are incredibly hard to dislike. We’ve got an anxious love-struck girl, a charming Otaku that (much like Keima from The World God Only Knows) has given up on the 3D world, a very listless club president, and an energetic loli, plus a chuunibyo that comes in later. They all have nice archetypes and are given enough personality to stray from being too “cookie-cutter”. Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 12

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Well, it’s very apparent that this show is not going to end anytime soon. Or at least, this show is probably expecting another season for itself. The setup for the second to last episode of the season is made so that Oga and Kariu finally confessing to each other will be the climax. While this is cute and I look forward to seeing it, I know that there is no way the deadline narrative focusing on Kaizaki throughout the entire series is going to be wrapped up, and that’s a shame. It’s a shame because, well…because it’s a deadline narrative. The whole point of a deadline is that your supposed to hit it. Kaizaki’s youth has an expiration date, and because that’s revealed to us, it should be expected that we’re going to see that come to a close. Continue reading

Why I Dropped Sweetness & Lightning AND Orange

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If you’ve been reading my blog lately then this probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m dropping Sweetness & Lightning and Orange. While they’re both shows I wouldn’t call outright terrible (actually, I’d probably classify Orange as terrible), they still managed to wear me down to the point where I just can’t be bothered anymore. It’s gotten to the point where I just stare at the new episode thumbnail for a moment, dread the idea of wasting the next 22-24 minutes of my life on it, and then click away to do something else. I’ve felt like it’s been a pain to watch these shows for quite a while, and so here we are. These are my reasons for dropping Sweetness & Lightning and Orange. Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 11

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We’re finally getting an in depth look at the past of Kaizaki, and I must say I’m surprised, mainly because I was skeptical about his backstory being as dark as what was alluded to in previous episodes. Turns out crazy, traumatic shit happened to Kaizaki, and it affected him in a way that seemed to be appealing to the ReLIFE corporation. It broke Kaizaki as a person and left him completely inadequate for other hiring companies, leaving him to work a part-time job just to get by. At some point ReLIFE decided to swoop in and help him, both financially and as a form of unbeknownst rehabilitation. Continue reading

A Mixed Bag – Thoughts On Sweetness & Lightning

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So I’m having mixed feeling about Sweetness & Lightning. On one hand, I totally understand the appeal of the show and also find Kouhei to be a total DILF. On the other hand, I really hate kids and find almost nothing cute or interesting about them. Another problem I have with the show is that I feel it’s just too pure and innocent. Now, I’m not saying Sweetness & Lightning needs a touch of sex, drugs, and violence to suit my fancy, but the way the characters have been acting so far has tasted a bit too sweet. I’m on episode 7 right now, and I have debating on whether or not I should drop this show since about episode 3. Still, I’m sticking with it, hoping that somewhere down the road this show has a pleasant surprise for me (although I’m almost certain now that there won’t be). And so, I thought I should write down the things I like and dislike about this show and share them. Enjoy. Continue reading

ReLIFE, Episode 10


Okay, I’m see my main issue with this arc now: it’s using the same character to illustrate a problem that’s already been solve once before. Kariu is being stubborn and taking her frustration out on others again. Her envy is fueled by the same self-loathing that any “hardworking dreamer” goes through when in the face of extreme talent. She did it with Chizuru, and now she’s going through it with Honoka, who is actually her friend at the time unlike in Chizuru’s case. You would think that Kariu would’ve learned from that experience, but apparently not because she’s still letting her emotions get the best of her. Continue reading