NEW GAME!, Episode 2 | Why I Dropped NEW GAME!

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Before I get into why this show is dumb (I don’t like it), I want to say that I’m going back on my decision to review this episodically. Instead, I think I’ll go for the much more appealing ReLIFE, of which I’m actually starting to really enjoy. It’s funny how the first episode of a show can tell you almost nothing, and how stupid it is to try and judge a show based on one episode. I of course already knew this (super pretentious), but I thought I’d make a game out of it and test my luck. That failed, as I picked what was in hindsight the obvious loser. So with that said, I’ll be reviewing ReLIFE week by week starting with a two episode review special to catch up. Should be a fun time, and my first episodic review of a rom-com series! It’s my absolute favorite genre, so you can expect my write-ups to be unapologetically biased. Continue reading

Episode 1 Review Showdown: ReLIFE vs. NEW GAME!

Now, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that there’s been a great debate on what I should review episodically this anime summer season. I ran a poll to try and determine what I should be giving a write up to week after week, and to my surprise it ended in a tie! So as a tiebreaker,  I decided to just review each first episode and see what I liked more. Enjoy. Continue reading