Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 13

Screenshot (280).png

It’s finally over. As Myriad Colors Phantom World comes to a close, so does my first ever episodic review series…I probably should’ve picked a better show. That being said, I had a fun time, and I hope you did too. This show definitely had its ups and downs, now all that’s left is to determine what side Phantom World decided to end on.

No intro sequence this time, due to the urgency of picking up from a cliffhanger. If you don’t remember from the last episode, here’s a quick wrap up: Haruhiko kissed his mom and then they passed out and so did Ruru for some reason. That’s really all that’s important here. What’s concerning is that although Ruru losing consciousness was the very last thing to happen in that episode, it wasn’t the first thing address in the following episode. Instead we see that Haruhiko’s mom is in a coma and Haruhiko is fine but doesn’t have his powers anymore. Then Ruru’s part is put into play and it’s just this odd role reversal thing that leads to the revelation that Ruru and Haruhiko are intrinsically tied for some reason and they kiss and are officially shipped and I’m getting ahead of myself.

Screenshot (287).png

Back to Haruhiko, I’d like to point out that we’ve learned more about him and his backstory in the last three episodes than the rest of the series combined. That’s kinda odd, considering he’s the supposed main character, but clearly it’s just meant to create a sense of emotion and meaning for the finale, albeit a needless sense at that. Phantom World has spent so much time creating an ensemble, so it seems counterintuitive to focus on one character for the series final moments, and to spend that time on Haruhiko no less! He’s by far the most unlikeable character in the show and isn’t really deserving of a three episode spotlight. But I digress.

Now onto other details, that thingy from the second episode is back. And it turns out to be just a convenient tool for the gang to hack into the evil corporation’s servers. Who is this evil corporation? No idea. Where did they come from? Absolutely no clue. But we need some sort of super bad guy and a final fighting ground, so here it is. Apparently this evil company has been conducting experiments on Phantoms and the one that possessed Haruhiko’s mom the other day escaped from there. And so the Phantom returns there with all her new powers to destroy the place.

Screenshot (289).png

Let’s take a look the generic plot-points checklist so far, shall we? Evil corporation: check. Evil research facility (check). Test subject escapes (check). Test subject wreaks havoc in search of power (check). Test subject comes back with power to have revenge (check). We’re at four now! Let’s see how many we can get before the show ends!

The group makes it to the company in order to confront Enigma (test subject). Haruhiko says he’ll go in by himself because he’s a man and that’s what men do (check). Girls call him out on his bullshit and go in instead (minus check). When in their fighting poses, villain reveals her backstory and her plan (check and check). When the girls get nowhere in the fight, Haruhiko jumps in because a man always has to save the day (check). Villain shapeshifts into his mother so Haruhiko now can’t fight her (check). Haruhiko gets his powers back for some reason and releases his summons, now in their final form (check). Happy ending and everything returns to normal (check).

Screenshot (290).png

I felt like the series as a whole tended to walk the line between generic and self-aware generic, making it somewhat not generic, but this ending was as generic as they come, and I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. Myriad Colors Phantom World definitely ends on a downside, but what’s my final overall judgement? Find out in my next weekend post: The Myriad Colors Phantom World Review (working title).

+ Nice visuals

+ Teddy bear hacker

– Generic climax

– Generic villain

– Shoehorned emotional material

– Shoehorned villain

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 12

Screenshot (237).png

Well, the intro is back. *sigh*

But I kinda liked it this time. They started getting into Phantoms and aspects of our personalities and shadows (personas) and stuff and it was super enlightening and then they ended on a joke that seemed to foreshadow what was coming next. The last line of the intro: “Folktales aren’t copyrighted, so we’re in the clear!” A comedic nod at using folktales because they’re easy and free, only to be completely ignored. Well, I guess that lady was a vampire-thingy, so that’s kind of a folktale? Or perhaps there’s some sort of Japanese folktale that’s gone completely over my head, and if that’s the case please tell me in the comments below.

So we move on from the intro to find our spunky protagonists once again fighting some Phantoms on school property, just like the very first episode. Except now there are more members, and apparently they are on the top of the school hierarchy. Yes, they started from the bottom and now they are here, and everyone admires them and life is great and even Minase has a fan club, for some reason. Then there was a call back to the device thingy in episode two that was never explained, only to not be used in this episode either.

Screenshot (244).png

Now onto a tie in from a previous episode that actually means something: The Human Encyclopedia’s mother who abandoned him is suddenly back! That’s not suspicious at all! Haruhiko gets all emotional and they start to mend their relationship and Haruhiko doesn’t have to be alone anymore and they have a blast spending time together and going shopping together and doing mother and son things TOGETHER and it’s great. Then they have this moment where all the girls come to the table and it’s brilliant/awful/whatever you want to call it.

Now, I’m of the belief that just because there’s one male protagonist and a group of female protagonists, a harem isn’t a forgone conclusion. I’m not saying I don’t like harems or that this show would necessarily suffer just by having one…but *deep breathe* WHAT THE F@#$! I really don’t know how to feel about this. On one hand, there is a reason for each of these girls to like him, as realized by all of the characters in that awkward dinner conversation when Momma drops the “which one of you is going to f@#$ my son?” bomb. Okay, I may be paraphrasing. But on the other hand, Haruhiko sucks! He plain sucks, specifically, the life out of the room whenever he goes full encyclopedia and explains something everyone already knows. And by everyone, I mean the characters. Obviously he is an exposition device and exists to inform less educated viewers, which in it’s own right is perfectly fine. But damn does it feel patronizing to more informed viewers, as well as the other characters. And this, plus his almost complete lack of any other defining characteristics beside “kind of nice” and “good at drawing” makes him not a suitable partner for my Izumi. Back off my waifu, Haruhiko! You don’t deserve her! You don’t even deserve Minase.

Screenshot (259).png

Erhm, also there’s this convenient phone call that pops up and provides the shocking revelation as to what’s really going on. Then the villain reveals herself and her plan doesn’t really make sense at all considering her end goal but whatever just go with it and Haruhiko kisses his mom in the moonlight and Ruru steals the attention even though there are currently three people unconscious right now. And then the predictable cliffhanger to lead into the final episode.

So come back next week to find out what I think about that.

I really should tweet my predictions or something, because I totally knew the last two episodes would be connected through a conflict that just appears to serve what will probably be a big, action-y and emotional climax. Or something.

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 11

Screenshot (200).png

It happened. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! No more terrible intros where The Human Encyclopedia tries to teach us fairly commonly known concepts that loosely relate to the episode at hand while Ruru grasps for any joke she can because Haruhiko is just too boring without it. Instead, we get this ^ sick shot and awesome line that leaves me excited and wanting more. “Phantom-Hunting Mom”? What could be cooler? Nothing.

But before we get to the good stuff, let’s take a moment to highlight the bad. Koito Minase. I still feel like this character hasn’t been properly established, at least not well enough to be part of the gang. Like zoinks, did I miss something? Cause they’re all apparently good friends now, and I’m not entirely sure why. I know they had their run-ins and worked together multiple times to take down the Phantom of the Week, but what actually made her decide to stop being a loner? (Comment below if you know why)

So the whole story really begins when Haruhiko heads home and finds a little piece of his past: A letter that he wrote for his class as an elementary school student. This triggers a flashback of him reading it to the class with melancholy music to accompany. There is, however, no dialogue in this scene and so what really happens here is left ambiguous…for now.

Screenshot (203).png

Haruhiko then wakes up the next morning as a child. Young, confused, and running late, he gets dressed and heads for school. What’s interesting here is that he has the mindset of his young self and does not remember anything from his older years. Now here’s the clumsy part of the setup. Kurumi finds Haruhiko sitting outside, baffled by the fact that he didn’t recognize anyone in his class and that they didn’t seem to know him either. The worst part of this is that it takes way longer than it should have for Kurumi to put two and two together. This boy looks like Haruhiko. This boy talks like Haruhiko. This boy then introduces himself as “Ichijou, Haruhiko”. Come on, Kurumi! You’re not this dumb, and this shouldn’t be something so difficult to grasp considering the reality they live in. It would’ve been simpler to just notice what was up right off the bat and bring him to the clubroom. But I digress.

While the group considers how to approach this new development, The Little Human Encyclopedia shows just how annoying he can be. But this time it’s different, because he’s not being annoying to the audience like he usually is. Now he’s being annoying to the others, in the way that children often are. Then Ruru does the funniest thing I’ve ever seen throughout the entire series.

After that, Mai is decided to be his caretaker, for some reason, and she has to suddenly learn how to be a single mother. And it’s adorable. She takes him shopping and he does the cliché child thing where he fills up the shopping cart with whatever he wants. Time passes and now Mai has a part-time job to support Haruhiko and is under an incredible amount of stress due to just making ends meet. They have their sweet bonding moments, like Mai comforting him during a thunderstorm, or playing at the park the next day.

Then a cat pisses on a Phantom sandbox and ruins everything. Mai is suddenly in trouble and Haruhiko conveniently reverts back because the situation calls for it. He saves the day and everything returns to normal. They go back to his place and Mai reads Haruhiko’s letter from the beginning of the episode, revealing what was actually written and bringing the whole episode full circle, wrapped up with a neat little bow.

A truly fantastic episode, arguably the best in the series so far, Myriad Colors Phantom Worlds delivered something I didn’t think it was capable of, and I loved it. I wish the whole series was just watching Mai stepping into the role of a single mother, as it’s been more compelling than anything else shown so far.

+ Hilarious, off the wall moments

+ Heartwarming, down to earth moments

+ Mai is best mom

+ No lame intro!

– Little clumsy in setup

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 10

Screenshot (197).png

A Ruru episode.

…Okay. Look, I’m not saying Ruru’s a terrible character…

…but she kinda sucks, and I’m really disappointed that they dedicated an episode to her. But I’m not surprised, as every other character seemed to have their own up until this point. So I guess it’s only fair for Ruru to have her time to shine.

Starting with the plot, well, it was even dumber than I expected. Ruru is small, but she wants to drink a full bottle of Ramune. To fully ingest this Ramune, she needs to become the size of a human. Luckily, a benevolent witch phantom just happens to be passing by, and grants her wish so she can drink Ramune at the festival. Then shit happens where she can’t reveal who she is to her friends because of an arbitrary set of rules, and then breaks those at the end of the episode because apparently she’s the only one that can save Haruhiko from the firework phantom. And they’re all sad because they actually think for a moment that Ruru is dead from the explosion, and crying because she never got to drink that Ramune soda. But it’s okay because she’s alive, the end.

Screenshot (198).png

Thought I said “Ramune” too many times in that last paragraph? Well that’s not even half the amount of times they mentioned Ramune in the show. Product placement or does the writer just really like Ramune? I don’t know, but tune in next time for when Izumi becomes addicted to the Pocky phantom!

Back to the witch that I briefly mentioned earlier, I thought she was a cool addition and would like to see her in more episodes. This is of course, based almost solely off of looks, but what can I say, I like characters with cool designs. And it would be nice to see her character be developed a little more.

One thing I’ve noticed throughout the show is that Izumi’s powers have been tragically underused. Apparently, she can’t eat everything for random reasons like “it’ll make her tummy feel bad” and “they need to be weakened first”. I’m paraphrasing by the way. Her powers are completely situational and most the time useless. Remember that time she revealed she had healing powers, then never used them again? I do, because I keep blogging about this stupid show no matter how little substance it actually gives me.

Screenshot (199).png

I feel when the show focuses on comedy, and especially on Ruru, I don’t laugh. The show was funnier when it was organic, or at least felt that way. But now I only find myself laughing because of how incredibly stupid this show is. It’s still very pretty though, so there’s that.

+ Visually pretty

– Ruru episode

– Rampant product placement?

– Reina tragically underused

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 9

Screenshot (181).png

Man, this show is really reaching for straws when it comes to giving this group something to do week after week. Anything and everything that goes even remotely wrong at this school or in this town is automatically relegated to this team of high schoolers. But in this episode, there’s nothing going on to begin with. A random character is introduced and she asks the group to be part of her play. Apparently no one else in the entire school can or wants to do this. Okay. So now our protagonists are now staring in a period piece put on by the drama club, and it’s all fun and games until a phantom inevitably shows up.

Turns out that the Phantom is the girl who asked them to do this in the first place. What a twist! Then comes the all too cliché breaking in the middle of the play. Quite frankly, this is one of my least favorite tropes to ever exist. The actors break character but still say everything out loud for the audience to hear, and then they’re all like “wow, this is meta” or some crap.

Screenshot (183)

It was at that point that I checked the time left in the show, thinking it was all but over, because that moment is usually used as a climax. But the show goes on and they finish the play, in the coolest most immersive way possible. The Phantom changes the stage and the cast is transported to Edo period Japan, where they are to complete the story. This makes for some sweet action and stunning visuals, otherwise known as “The KyoAni Special”. I’m coining that, right now.

Two very important things I noticed, or rather didn’t notice, was the chanting and exposition. Minase’s chanting is really annoying. The Human Encyclopedia needs to shut up. These are facts. And as far as I can tell, they were non-existent in this episode.

Now onto a new issue: Haruhiko needs to stop clumsily falling into Izumi. It was funny the first time, only because they did it in a comical and self-aware way. Now it is just getting routine and uninspired. Basically what I’m saying is: Step off my waifu.

Screenshot (184)

In the end, this felt like a fun, contained adventure with stunning visuals but not much else. I like these characters (with the exclusion of Haruhiko), but I feel this show has strayed too far from them since each of their respective episodes. There’s almost no way this show can be anything more than an action comedy show at this point, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But we’ll see where this show decides to go, as it seems to do whatever the hell it wants to.

+ No Minase chanting

+ No Haruhiko exposition dumps

+ Pretty show, pretty colors

+ Kurumi holds a gun!

– Kurumi holds a gun?

– Awkward stage break

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 8

Screenshot (163).png

This was a weird episode. Yes, even for its own standards. I won’t knock it for being fanservice-y, but I will laugh at it. A lot. But first, let’s start from the beginning.

One minute and forty-five seconds. That’s how long this week’s intro took. I’m getting really tired of these classroom lectures at the beginning of every show. And I learn almost nothing from them. But I’ve rambled on about these intros before, so all I’ll say is that they suck and I’d be happier if they just cut down the runtime of the show altogether rather than include these wastes of time.

So they introduced the Phantom through a supernatural occurrence at school. Again. But this time’s a little better because they get right into the problem. There’s a monkey hot springs that’s overheating the entire school, and nothing can be done for some reason until the Phantom is gone. I actually like this setup because it leads the entire student body to try and fight it, one at a time with hilarious results.

Screenshot (164)

Then our protagonists step up to the challenge, and in the best way that I never thought possible. The plan is to seduce the monkey and make it come out of the water so the Human Encyclopedia can fully see it and capture the image onto his sealing book thing. Of course, due to a number of mishaps, that doesn’t work out, and so he summons a Phantom to save the day. And although he probably could’ve just did that in the first place, I’ll ignore it because I got to see Mai’s ass get painted.

All in all, it was a fun episode, but it severely lacked in any sense of importance or meaning. And perhaps that’s just exactly where Myriad Colors Phantom World wants to go. I’ll be baffled if this show decides to end a note that’s anything but silly and hopeful.

Oh, and I was completely satisfied with this end, in hopes that the Human Encyclopedia actually does marry Mr. Monkey and never returns. All I’m saying is, it better be canon.

+ Not the hot springs episode I was expecting

+ Reina swimsuit!

+ The ultimate canvas, Mai’s ass

– Intro

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 7

Screenshot (118).png

Okay, I can’t go another week without saying how awful the chanting is. Specifically, Minase’s chanting. It’s terrible, I hate it, and I never want to hear it again. Mai’s chanting I can usually deal with, but this time it doesn’t even show the fanservice to go with it. How am I supposed to enjoy this show without needless self-boob-groping? How am I supposed to appreciate this art without little moments of indulgence spaced evenly throughout, keeping my interests piqued and my blood out of my head?

In all seriousness, I do kinda miss the fanservicey bits. They never actually did much for me in terms of arousal, but the cute and creative ways they went about it were worth a good laugh. Also, I can’t unsee Mai-oneesama, which is also worth another good laugh. Even Ruru is getting a bit funnier, outside of those abysmal opening segments. Oh, and cat puns! There was a bear pun in the last episode and now there were cat puns in this episode. How delightful! So that’s cat puns, Mayonaise-sama, and sometimes Ruru…yeah, I kinda wish the show had more going for it in terms of comedy this episode. Sure, there’s some slapstick, but I feel like I’m not laughing as much anymore.

Screenshot (126)

As for the other good stuff this episode had to offer…cat girls (and guys)! If you’re into that, have at it. Personally, I think they’re just alright. What I really enjoyed about this episode was the mansion they entered and what happened when they entered said mansion. There were a lot of cool effects and scenery going on as they wandered through this phantom fun house, or “phun house”. Okay, that was bad…but I’m keeping it. Lots of really cool shots could be taken away from this episode, with plenty Izumi. But other than looking pretty, this episode felt pretty needless, adding nothing to the overall plot of the show or characterization to our protagonists. Of course, if this is just going to be a feel good, phantom of the week show all the way to the very end, then I guess that’s fine. You do you, Myriad Colors Phantom World.

Screenshot (127)

Myriad Color Phantom World, Episode 6

myriad ep 6 1.PNG

Hey, just a heads up, there will probably be more screenshots in this post than usual. I usually try to limit myself, but I just don’t have the heart to leave out any this episode.

myriad ep 6 2

I mean, they were all so good. Throughout the entirety of the episode, the visuals were incredibly gorgeous, some might even say stunning. My favorite had to be at the beginning, but perhaps I’m just a sucker for good reflection. Anyway, the whole show left me feeling warm inside, and part of that I believe was just due to the color palette. Bright but never clashing, the beautiful visuals actually took my focus away from the actual story a couple times when watching.

myriad ep 6 4

But that may also be due to the fact that this was probably, in terms of plot, the simplest episode yet. In the beginning, Kurumi lacks confidence, but by the end she realizes it’s time for her to step up and protect her friend, just like how her friend had protected her many times before. Basically, the resolution resolved her resolve.

myriad ep 6 5

And so now she can finally be a prominent member of the Phantom Hunters, or whatever the hell they’re called. It’s all nice though, and there are cute and touching moments and stuff, it was a fine episode. What’s important now is that (hopefully) all the characters have been sufficiently introduced. It’s time to see them all work together, and hopefully go through a story arc with actual meaning. Or, you know, keep doing the whole “Phantom of the Week!” thing.

myriad ep 6 6

Oh, and bear pun(s)! (Not entirely sure if there was more than one.)

myriad ep 6 3

+ Visuals!!! A++

+ Bear pun(s)

+ No chanting!

– Still exposition and intro

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 5

myriad ep 5 2.PNG

Alright, I’m going to stop complaining about the same minor things every week. I’ll just sum it up right here, and then if it doesn’t change I’ll refer you to this post, to tell you the bad part of Myriad Colors Phantom World. Or rather, just the things that I don’t like. I don’t like the intro sequences, not to be confused with the OP, I actually think that it’s pretty alright. I decided not to let Ruru get on my nerves anymore, it takes two for annoyance to exist: One to annoy and the other to be annoyed. She’s okay, and I’ll leave it at that. As for the whole chanting process, can we just stop? We get it, it’s magic. You don’t need to waste more time reciting the same boring chant over and over again.  Finally, and the biggest problem I have over all with this show is that there’s far too much exposition. It was really bad in the first few episodes and it’s gotten mildly better in the last couple.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about these new characters! Holy fucking shit, she has a giant fighting teddy bear! How fucking cool is that? I am referring to Kurumi, of course, the little admirer of Mai with lavender hair and an adorable voice. She’s very cute and seems to interact well with the others. Also, the show hints that there’s more to her than just being moe for moe’s sake, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future.

myriad ep 5 3

Now on to the character of the week, um, what’s her name? Oh yeah, it’s Minase. Basically, she’s a loner and a phantom hunter. She has a little backstory that makes sense of her resentment toward phantoms. It works just fine, but I feel the added touch of the phantom that started it all being the one they faced in the episode was unneeded, like the show was just making a connection for the sake of making a connection. Of course in the end it turns out that it wasn’t the actual phantom from her childhood, so the real thing’s still out there, somewhere…whatever.

I am glad that we got to see a little emotion out of her at the end, because up until that point she only had one face, a blank stare. Now she has two! A blank stare and blank stare – blushing cheeks version.

myriad ep 5 4

Now we finally have an idea of who these characters are and what powers they have. Here’s my run down:

Haruhiko Ichijou (a.k.a. Human Encylopedia) – He’s a know-it-all that can summon a dog and seal things with his drawings.

Mai Kawakami (a.k.a. Mayonaise-sama) – I wish I could say I noticed the Mai onee-sama thing earlier, but it actually flew right above my head until recently. Anyway, she has considerable physical strength and combat experience, plus she can sensually rub herself up to control the elements.

Reina Izumi (a.k.a. Best Girl) – She’s very cute and has a wonderful voice. Also, she’s the real deal that seals and heals, ya feel?

Kurumi Kumamakura (a.k.a. That Girl) – She has a giant, ass-kicking teddy bear.

Koito Minase (a.k.a. Loner Chick) – She can sing and seal things. Why do they have so many sealers?

+ Giant, ass-kicking teddy bear

+ The band’s finally together?

+ Great visuals, as always

– The usual (exposition, intro, chanting)

– Unnecessary phantom connection

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 4

myriad ep 4

I don’t like the way they intro this show. The Human Encyclopedia (Haruhiko) starts teaching us about some concept that loosely relates to the content of the episode at hand. This week he talked about family and polygamy and stuff. Then Ruru cut off his boring lesson and the show actually starts. Every week. Ugh.

It feels boring and ultimately useless to me. I don’t laugh or cry or shiver in excitement. I don’t even learn anything remotely important. So what’s the point? Are these intros just here to fill up space in the show’s run time? If so, I’d rather just watch a minute of Izumi dancing or eating or something. Anything GIF-worthy will do.

Other than the intro however, I actually found the rest of the episode to be quite enjoyable. Of course, I wouldn’t expected anything less when this week’s showing is dedicated to Izumi. Hell yeah! We got a Reina episode! But the fact that it was mostly about her wasn’t the only thing that made this episode exceptional.

myriad 4 1

There was noticeably less exposition! Looks like whoever has been writing this show has been reading my reviews (:3). I’m just joking around of course, no one reads my blog, heheheh *sheds one tear while trying to smile*. Still, the exposition is a little heavy-handed and mostly unneeded. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the whole “Phantoms” thing, so you can stop explaining it to me.

I’m starting to warm up to Ruru, just a teeny bit. If The Human Encyclopedia is going to continue spouting exposition, it’s nice to have someone to keep telling him to shut up. I know this is just a solution to a problem that the show itself continues to make, but at this point I’ll take it. Also, her jokes have been getting mildly comical. Worth a soft chuckle, if nothing else.

Now onto the ending. There was a few ways this episode could’ve ended, and I’m glad they went a sweet and simple one. From the start, this phantom wasn’t really a problem. Izumi got to spend time with her nice imaginary rabbit parents, no time passes in the real world when she enters and leave the magic school bus, and she ends up with a free ride to her house.

myriad ep 4 2

It was all a pretty swell ride, up until the point she realized it wasn’t real. Once she realized that, the illusion could not carry on in the same way it had before. Now she had to make a choice: Stay there for eternity or return to the real world with her real friends and her real family. During the decision making process, The Human Encyclopedia even offered up some advice that was made sense. The phantom faded away into a beautiful light show and a touching scene for Izumi. Reina was welcomed home by her parents, making for a happy yet somewhat mournful ending.

That could have gone in a completely different direction, one that I was actually expecting (and dreading). I was afraid they were just going to seal away this phantom because it was a phantom. That wouldn’t really be fair, as the phantom really didn’t do anything to hurt anyone, and as a Phantom Rights Activist (PRA) that would’ve sorely disappointed me. So it was a good thing they didn’t. Izumi had to face her feelings and cast away her delusions for something real.

myriad ep 4 4

All in all, this was a very sweet and somber, and easily the best of the season so far, not to mention that it was brimming with Izumi screen-cap potential.

+ Izumi episode!

+ Gorgeous visuals, as always

+ Nice ending

– Intros need to stop

– Exposition problems (but considerably less thus time)