When Your Kokoro Goes Doki Doki: A Guide to Cliché Anime Romance – Chapter 1: Backseat Window Boys

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Let’s start this off with an introduction to what exactly is “When Your Kokoro Goes Doki Doki: A Guide to Cliché Anime Romances by crispyn64”. You see, I consider myself a person that’s open to every type of anime. From dark psychological thrillers to lighthearted shoujo drama, I can find something to enjoy in most every kind of show. However, out of every genre, there’s a clear and uncontested winner for my utmost affinity: slice of life romantic comedies. And while it might be interesting to dig into my own psyche and figure out why the hell I’m like this, that’s not what this [post] is here for. No, I’ve decided that I’d dedicate some of my time to write about the generic formulas of anime romance, drawing from my own experiences and research to define the genre’s conventions and tropes, and because I feel there’s so much to discuss here, I might just make an entire book out of it. So here’s my draft of the first chapter: Backseat Window Boys. Continue reading