ReLIFE, Episode 2 & 3

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Episode 2

I find it odd (and interesting) that Kaizaki so boldly approached Chizuru for the first time. It was the lunch scene; Kaizaki leaves his table of friends to go talk to Chizuru who seems to be at a loss with the cafeteria staff. She can’t get food because she didn’t bring money and she hasn’t yet obtain her special pin which constitutes as a “food pass”. Kaizaki doesn’t know this yet as he walks up to her to check. I guess he expressed a little interest in her from the previous episode, but it didn’t seem like enough to greet her out of the blue like that. Is this supposed to say something about Kaizaki’s character? Somewhere along the line he learned that approaching people, especially girls, was no big deal? And that it’s easy to be straightforward and honest with people right off the bat? I’m not understanding where his attitude comes from, considering he’s a NEET I wouldn’t expect this extroverted behavior. That being said, I like where it ended up. They had very delightful conversation and revealed more of what Chizuru is like, sparking what seems to a very promising friendship down the road. I just thought his motivations in this part were a little fuzzy and/or untold, which was strange considering the show has done a pretty good job so far of expressing what’s on Kaizaki’s mind via inner-monologues and such. Continue reading

Episode 1 Review Showdown: ReLIFE vs. NEW GAME!

Now, if you’ve been following me on Twitter you know that there’s been a great debate on what I should review episodically this anime summer season. I ran a poll to try and determine what I should be giving a write up to week after week, and to my surprise it ended in a tie! So as a tiebreaker,  I decided to just review each first episode and see what I liked more. Enjoy. Continue reading