Why I Dropped These Shitty Anime

Welcome to the birth of my newest segment, Why I Dropped (insert anime here). You see, I don’t typically drop anime, and before this I never did. But every once and while there are anime that test my patience. Sure, I could just power through it out of spite, but really, that’s just a waste of my time. So instead, I decided that every time I dropped an anime from My Anime List (check it out, it’s kawaii as fuck), I’d at least give a reason why.

So here are five anime that I could just not fucking deal with anymore. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you do like any of these anime, feel free to tell me your opinions in the comments below. Perhaps you’ll persuade me to give something another chance.

Beautiful Bones –Sakurako’s Investigation-

sakurako crap-san.PNG

Episodes seen: 9/12

To me this just felt like a really lazy mystery show. The main character, Sakurako, is just a lady who’s really into bones for some reason. The rest of the cast look up to her as some sort of master-class analyst, but really she just has somewhat above average observation skills and a wealth of totally random knowledge that always finds a way to be relevant. Most of the time it’s loosely related to bones. Also, she’s not a cop, a detective, or a private inspector. She’s just some fucking chick that everyone relies on when there’s a mystery to be solved.

And they’re not even good mysteries. There’s like one homicide, and it’s just a crazy husband or something. I can’t even be bothered to fact check because this show is just so god damn boring. Most of them aren’t even criminal cases, or at least they don’t start that way. It’s just random crap and I can’t fucking deal with it anymore.

I can’t fucking deal with it anymore. Hmm, maybe that should be my new catchphrase.

Oh, and one more thing. The show keeps clumsily hinting at a backstory between the main two characters, and they do so with brief hallucinations of some child characters we know nothing about, and continue to know nothing about until who knows when. I mean, it’s not like I watched nine whole episodes or anything.



Episodes seen: 8/13

I was really, really bored with this one. The characters were really dull. The plot was really uninteresting. And they have really big eyes. Like, these were way too fucking big or something, because I could not get past them.

This show was about chickens and looking into glass to see the future or something. Then a boy shows up for no fucking reason and the girl falls in love with him maybe? I really don’t know what’s fucking going on in this show, and it doesn’t present itself well enough for me to care.

Rail Wars!

rail wars

Episodes seen: 6/12

Talk about a show that’s so heinously terrible, it’s funny. Except, it’s not funny when you realize you could be doing LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE with this time.

It’s plot denies all logic. Like, these kids are just security guards IN TRAINING. Yet they’re forced to take on terrorists and defuse bombs and all sorts of crazy bullshit that makes no sense. Furthermore, the animation is noticeably bad and lacks consistency of any kind. There’s very little talking animations, weirdly shiny pantyhose, and unfinished pieces in the background that I would go back to screen cap for you, except I don’t want to waste any more of my time on this shit pile of a show.

Don’t watch this show. There’s plenty of better train shows out there, and much more tantalizing and well written ecchis, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Actually, I Am

Actually, this sucked

Episodes seen: 5/13

Actually, I’m not. Sorry, I just had to make that joke. Now, this show wasn’t horrible, but I’ve definitely seen enough. It just seemed like an incredibly generic harem. Also, the characters look weird to me, but I won’t knock it for art style.

To get more into it, the main character of this show is notoriously easy to read, yet somehow he finds himself having to keep the secret of the girl he likes, the secret being that she’s a vampire. There’s also an alien chick and a paparazzi girl and…


AntiMagic Academy 35th Test Platoon

35th platoon

Episodes seen: 1/12

One episode. Well, that was fast. I know I should give it more of a chance, but it committed two of my cardinal sins right off the bat. Exposition spouting and the oh-so-cliché accidental boob grab.

And it wasn’t even just because it was a boob grab. It’s because it was the most generic, empty, pointless boob grab I have ever seen. He literally trips over nothing (okay, he actually does trip over some, but come on), then squeezes her boobs for good few seconds. He notices it’s her boob and still doesn’t let go. Then he says he’s more into flat chests. She beats him. Oh, what wacky fun these two are having.

So, uh, I’m done with that.

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