Bungo Stray Dogs, Episode 1

Screenshot (306).png

Hello all! It is I, crispyn64, here to review another seasonal anime episode by episode, week by week, in the timeliest manner I can afford. Why? Because I want to, that’s why! And also because I think having another reason to write every week is a good thing that will ultimately (hopefully) result me growing as a writer. Furthermore, I want to you to watch along with me, and read my reviews only after you’ve watched the episodes yourself and have formed your own opinion on the matter. Then we can talk about it in the comments below! Doesn’t that sound fun?

Starting with the scenes: There were three of them. And they all looked fantastic. Flowing waters and purple-red skies, a nice eatery with more than a few interesting camera angles, and then a shadowy blue warehouse lit only by the moonlight through the windows. Positively splendid. And the characters weren’t so bad either.

Screenshot (315).png

Especially Osamu Dazai, or as I like to call him, Suicide. So far he seems like the delightfully aloof but smarter than meets the eye type, which is one of my absolute favorite archetypes. Then there’s Doppo Kunikida, aka Ponytail. He’s pretty cool, with his ponytail and all. And finally there’s the main character, Atsushi Nakajima, and he seems like a safe choice for the protagonist. He’s also an orphan, as the show would like you to know.

By which I mean it repeats it. Over and over, throughout the first episode, presented by the inner thoughts of young Nakajima. Good for nothing. Orphan. Should just die in a ditch. I’m paraphrasing because I’m too lazing to go back and check. But that’s the basic point I think the show is trying to get across. For now it seems this character is pretty down on himself, so joining this group of eccentrics might just give him the new lease on life he desperately needed. Or something. We’ll see as the show progresses.

Screenshot (317).png

As for some final thoughts, I started watching this show like how I try to watch any show: With no prior knowledge and no expectations. So it came as quite a pleasant surprise when the humor finally kicked in. At first I thought this show was had a very serious tone and then BAM! Joke. Nice one, Bungo Stray Dogs. It didn’t muddle the possible significance of this show while still acknowledging that it can have fun. I hope Bungo Stray Dogs can keep that balance, as I am eagerly awaiting more.

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