Bungo Stray Dogs, Episode 2

Screenshot (330).png

This episode starts with another Dazai suicide joke. While quirky and expected, I can’t help but feel it’s alluding to something. If Dazai keeps trying, one day he’s bound to succeed, which would be sad considering he’s such a cool and playful character.

But this is what I love about this show. It keeps a balance between serious and humorful that’s hard to pull off. This makes the show unpredictable, as I can’t tell if a running gag will turn out to be more meaningful down the road. Bungo Stray Dogs even likes to squeeze its comedy into the tensest of situations, while not taking away from the dire reality at hand. Like roshambo to decide who has to talk down the mad bomber, there is no moment too grievous for Dazai to lose his eccentric charm.

Screenshot (333).png

Although this did just turn out to be a test, which may have been the reason for his calm demeanor, I would like to think he’d be just as languid if it were the real thing. In hindsight, the test was kinda obvious, but in the moment it was just so compelling and fun that I didn’t care. The bomber is in the Opening credits and clearly a main cast member, but I just assumed this might be his induction into the agency as well. Dazai definitely seems like the type to welcome someone who threatened to blow up a building full of innocent people.

Still, the plan worked out great, having Atsushi prove his worth in the noblest way possible, retelling the age old lesson that it’s not the power that makes the man; it’s his actions.

+ Pretty colors and scenery

+ Tension + comedy = happy

+ Cool outfits

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