The Most Heartwarming Confession In All Of Anime Ever

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Has a confession in an anime ever hit you so hard that you were physically out of breathe?  That you had to cry or laugh or stand up and clap because what you just witnessed was so brilliant, so beautiful, so perfect that even your cold, dead heart exploded with emotions? Well I’m here to tell you that that’s NOTHING compared to Kokoro Connect’s most spectacular moment, a moment so great that I feel compelled to tell you to stop reading this post until after you have seen it yourself. This is something you will want to experience organically, without any expectations, so that the impact is all the more exquisite. Except I just told you it’s the greatest thing ever, so I guess I messed that up. Okay, temper your expectations. It’s not that great, you probably won’t even like it, but you should watch it anyway. Now go, watch Kokoro Connect, Episode 4 (work your way up though). It’s even on Crunchyroll!

Welcome back! As I was saying, it’s the most terrific, tremendously awesome thing to ever happen to anime ever! And ignore the thing I said earlier about you probably not liking it. That was a lie…well, actually, maybe it wasn’t. You won’t just like this moment. You’ll love it, because it’s fantastic. And also because I said so.

And to those who still didn’t watch it…fine, I guess. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“Hey, Inaba.”

“When you’re hiding a secret from the whole world, it puts a weight on your shoulders.”

“So I’m going to tell you a secret that I was planning to take to the grave.”

“What do you mean?”

“You spill yours, I have to spill mine?”


“If my secret gets out, I won’t be able to survive in this school, or in normal society for that matter.”

“This is a lethal secret I’m hiding.”

“Are you insane or something?!”

“Inaba, y-you’re too loud!”

“Whatever, just tell me this secret of yours.”

“I’ll decide after that.”

“Okay, here I go…”


Screenshot (462).png

“I’ve masturbated to you before.”

What a perfect, splendid, wonderful, impeccable, paradisiacal, awe-inspiring thing to say. Truly a confession for the ages. But first let’s give some context. Inaba can’t find it within herself to trust others, even her friends. She worries that if they find out, they won’t accept her, that this is a flaw in her very being that can never be changed. Because she never developed this instinctive distrust in others through something traumatic in her upbringing. This is just who she is, and there is no changing that. But there’s no need to, according to Taichi. He accepts her, and he’s confident that the others will too.

But that’s not enough. Inaba can’t see any positive outcome from telling the others how she feels, and so Taichi needs to convince her by relinquishing his own deep, dark secret. The gentle piano music playing in the background rises and then stops at the reveal. There’s a pause, and they both look at each other. And it’s so stupid that it actually works.

Screenshot (467).png

It’s shocking, in the best and most positively endearing way, and her reaction is even more delightful. Being able to laugh it off is so much more heartwarming and sincere than any sort of lashing out at the baka-hentai who just confessed his dirty impure thoughts. Kokoro Connect dodges clichés so incredibly well in this scene. The cliché thing to do here would’ve have been to have this melodrama play out until someone starts crying, then a character would perform an act of violence in a stupid (and overdone) attempt to literally slap some sense into someone. Or just have an out-of-the-blue love confession to take advantage of characters in their rawest, most emotional form. Instead, we get a different kind of confession, or rather, a different kind of love. Something so completely original, unexpected and borderline magical that I had no choice but to applause to my monitor. It’s remarkable just how powerful this one line is, how it manages to shatter the tension in the room and drive home the point about accepting who you are, and also make me giggle because he just said “masturbate”.

And we fast forward past the part where Inaba confesses to the group. They all understand and accept her because she’s their friend and that’s what friends do. After that the group is walking outside and Inaba hangs back with Taichi because she figures she now owes him a secret, and the smile after she says it is quite possible the most precious thing ever created.

Screenshot (457)

So there you have it folks, the most heartwarming confession in all of anime ever. I’ve been kicking around the idea for this post for a while now, and then I watched that Shia LaBeouf video and was like: You’re absolutely right! I should do a post about that masturbation confession in Kokoro Connect! What am I waiting for? Nothing! Thank you, Shia LaBeouf. And of course, thank you for reading.

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Also, comment down below if you loved Kokoro Connect as much as I did. The name of this blog is actually partially inspired by it.

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