ReLIFE, Episode 9

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Kariu is taking her frustrations out on people again, and that just makes me want to take my frustrations out on her. Did she not learn from that whole bag stealing business from a couple episodes back? Apparently not, because ReLIFE didn’t even bother to flashback it (which the show seems to be very keen on doing overall). Still, it’s happening again, which means Kaizaki has to come to the rescue again…except this time he doesn’t know how to approach the problem.

Yes, Kaizaki feels like he should help, but at the same time he doesn’t exactly understand what’s going on in the first place. Luckily, Chizuru is much closer to the situation at hand and is able to fill Kaizaki in when she reaches out for his help. She shows up at his doorstep unexpectedly, alerting him of her presence with one of her adorable text messages, and is let in soon after Kaizaki scrambles to look halfway decent. Of course, Kaizaki overthinks the existence of a cute girl in his room, alone with him, having unoriginal thoughts of nervousness and such. Nothing will happen though, because he knows Ryou and An are secretly watching.

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We get another insight into the ReLIFE corporation when Ryou and An are talking to each other. They have a conversation concerning Kaizaki and his ability to help others, and briefly state that at least part of the ReLIFE program is getting Kaizaki to affect the lives of others. It’s important that he interacts with his peers because a certain give and take will most likely enrich both the students’ lives, and his own. It’s an interesting concept they’re working with, adding this sort of social experiment to overarching plot of the show. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out and what they come up with as results.

But back to the nerve racking bedroom scene with Kaizaki and Chizuru. She tells him things are weird between Honoka and Kariu, and this reminds him yet again of another convenient flashback from his adult salaryman life. Troubles within an office seem to translate very well with troubles of high school girls, and he remembers that atmosphere was unpleasant there for similar reasons. His senpai was apparently very good at what she did, so everyone hated her for it. The same thing is happening for Honoka in the volleyball team. Kaizaki remembers how he handle his previous situation extremely poorly, jumping to the side of his senpai and only making things worse with his brash actions. Then there’s a cut to Kaizaki opening a closet as he remembers what happened to her. I’m assuming she hung herself, but maybe she was just sitting there crying, and for some reason that was deeply troubling for Kaizaki, in a way that the show framed it like discovering a dead body. We’ll see.

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Kaizaki and Chizuru decide to work together on this one, and they go to talk to Honoka as she practices alone. And it works! Talking to people works! Who knew? Anyway, they go into the locker room to talk and Honoka’s nosey friends listen in from outside the door. That one annoying dude whose name I can’t remember decides enough is enough and goes to grab Kariu against her will because she needs to listen to this. Would’ve been easier to just have the one friends call his other friend so they could listen through the phone, but whatever. Manhandling an injured person is just as effective, I guess.

And the show ends on a cliffhanger yet again, making this arc a three-parter! Although I can’t see the resolution of this story taking up another whole episode, so perhaps it’ll be just a 2.5-parter. Still, with this coming to a close I wonder how many problems Kaizaki has left to solve. He probably has to play matchmaker for Kariu and Oga next, huh?

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