Myriad Color Phantom World, Episode 6

myriad ep 6 1.PNG

Hey, just a heads up, there will probably be more screenshots in this post than usual. I usually try to limit myself, but I just don’t have the heart to leave out any this episode.

myriad ep 6 2

I mean, they were all so good. Throughout the entirety of the episode, the visuals were incredibly gorgeous, some might even say stunning. My favorite had to be at the beginning, but perhaps I’m just a sucker for good reflection. Anyway, the whole show left me feeling warm inside, and part of that I believe was just due to the color palette. Bright but never clashing, the beautiful visuals actually took my focus away from the actual story a couple times when watching.

myriad ep 6 4

But that may also be due to the fact that this was probably, in terms of plot, the simplest episode yet. In the beginning, Kurumi lacks confidence, but by the end she realizes it’s time for her to step up and protect her friend, just like how her friend had protected her many times before. Basically, the resolution resolved her resolve.

myriad ep 6 5

And so now she can finally be a prominent member of the Phantom Hunters, or whatever the hell they’re called. It’s all nice though, and there are cute and touching moments and stuff, it was a fine episode. What’s important now is that (hopefully) all the characters have been sufficiently introduced. It’s time to see them all work together, and hopefully go through a story arc with actual meaning. Or, you know, keep doing the whole “Phantom of the Week!” thing.

myriad ep 6 6

Oh, and bear pun(s)! (Not entirely sure if there was more than one.)

myriad ep 6 3

+ Visuals!!! A++

+ Bear pun(s)

+ No chanting!

– Still exposition and intro

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 5

myriad ep 5 2.PNG

Alright, I’m going to stop complaining about the same minor things every week. I’ll just sum it up right here, and then if it doesn’t change I’ll refer you to this post, to tell you the bad part of Myriad Colors Phantom World. Or rather, just the things that I don’t like. I don’t like the intro sequences, not to be confused with the OP, I actually think that it’s pretty alright. I decided not to let Ruru get on my nerves anymore, it takes two for annoyance to exist: One to annoy and the other to be annoyed. She’s okay, and I’ll leave it at that. As for the whole chanting process, can we just stop? We get it, it’s magic. You don’t need to waste more time reciting the same boring chant over and over again.  Finally, and the biggest problem I have over all with this show is that there’s far too much exposition. It was really bad in the first few episodes and it’s gotten mildly better in the last couple.

Well, now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about these new characters! Holy fucking shit, she has a giant fighting teddy bear! How fucking cool is that? I am referring to Kurumi, of course, the little admirer of Mai with lavender hair and an adorable voice. She’s very cute and seems to interact well with the others. Also, the show hints that there’s more to her than just being moe for moe’s sake, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future.

myriad ep 5 3

Now on to the character of the week, um, what’s her name? Oh yeah, it’s Minase. Basically, she’s a loner and a phantom hunter. She has a little backstory that makes sense of her resentment toward phantoms. It works just fine, but I feel the added touch of the phantom that started it all being the one they faced in the episode was unneeded, like the show was just making a connection for the sake of making a connection. Of course in the end it turns out that it wasn’t the actual phantom from her childhood, so the real thing’s still out there, somewhere…whatever.

I am glad that we got to see a little emotion out of her at the end, because up until that point she only had one face, a blank stare. Now she has two! A blank stare and blank stare – blushing cheeks version.

myriad ep 5 4

Now we finally have an idea of who these characters are and what powers they have. Here’s my run down:

Haruhiko Ichijou (a.k.a. Human Encylopedia) – He’s a know-it-all that can summon a dog and seal things with his drawings.

Mai Kawakami (a.k.a. Mayonaise-sama) – I wish I could say I noticed the Mai onee-sama thing earlier, but it actually flew right above my head until recently. Anyway, she has considerable physical strength and combat experience, plus she can sensually rub herself up to control the elements.

Reina Izumi (a.k.a. Best Girl) – She’s very cute and has a wonderful voice. Also, she’s the real deal that seals and heals, ya feel?

Kurumi Kumamakura (a.k.a. That Girl) – She has a giant, ass-kicking teddy bear.

Koito Minase (a.k.a. Loner Chick) – She can sing and seal things. Why do they have so many sealers?

+ Giant, ass-kicking teddy bear

+ The band’s finally together?

+ Great visuals, as always

– The usual (exposition, intro, chanting)

– Unnecessary phantom connection

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 4

myriad ep 4

I don’t like the way they intro this show. The Human Encyclopedia (Haruhiko) starts teaching us about some concept that loosely relates to the content of the episode at hand. This week he talked about family and polygamy and stuff. Then Ruru cut off his boring lesson and the show actually starts. Every week. Ugh.

It feels boring and ultimately useless to me. I don’t laugh or cry or shiver in excitement. I don’t even learn anything remotely important. So what’s the point? Are these intros just here to fill up space in the show’s run time? If so, I’d rather just watch a minute of Izumi dancing or eating or something. Anything GIF-worthy will do.

Other than the intro however, I actually found the rest of the episode to be quite enjoyable. Of course, I wouldn’t expected anything less when this week’s showing is dedicated to Izumi. Hell yeah! We got a Reina episode! But the fact that it was mostly about her wasn’t the only thing that made this episode exceptional.

myriad 4 1

There was noticeably less exposition! Looks like whoever has been writing this show has been reading my reviews (:3). I’m just joking around of course, no one reads my blog, heheheh *sheds one tear while trying to smile*. Still, the exposition is a little heavy-handed and mostly unneeded. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the whole “Phantoms” thing, so you can stop explaining it to me.

I’m starting to warm up to Ruru, just a teeny bit. If The Human Encyclopedia is going to continue spouting exposition, it’s nice to have someone to keep telling him to shut up. I know this is just a solution to a problem that the show itself continues to make, but at this point I’ll take it. Also, her jokes have been getting mildly comical. Worth a soft chuckle, if nothing else.

Now onto the ending. There was a few ways this episode could’ve ended, and I’m glad they went a sweet and simple one. From the start, this phantom wasn’t really a problem. Izumi got to spend time with her nice imaginary rabbit parents, no time passes in the real world when she enters and leave the magic school bus, and she ends up with a free ride to her house.

myriad ep 4 2

It was all a pretty swell ride, up until the point she realized it wasn’t real. Once she realized that, the illusion could not carry on in the same way it had before. Now she had to make a choice: Stay there for eternity or return to the real world with her real friends and her real family. During the decision making process, The Human Encyclopedia even offered up some advice that was made sense. The phantom faded away into a beautiful light show and a touching scene for Izumi. Reina was welcomed home by her parents, making for a happy yet somewhat mournful ending.

That could have gone in a completely different direction, one that I was actually expecting (and dreading). I was afraid they were just going to seal away this phantom because it was a phantom. That wouldn’t really be fair, as the phantom really didn’t do anything to hurt anyone, and as a Phantom Rights Activist (PRA) that would’ve sorely disappointed me. So it was a good thing they didn’t. Izumi had to face her feelings and cast away her delusions for something real.

myriad ep 4 4

All in all, this was a very sweet and somber, and easily the best of the season so far, not to mention that it was brimming with Izumi screen-cap potential.

+ Izumi episode!

+ Gorgeous visuals, as always

+ Nice ending

– Intros need to stop

– Exposition problems (but considerably less thus time)

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 3

myriad ep 3 1Why most there be an introduction to every episode of this show? I’m starting to feel like it’s just there to use time. In these intros, they take the time to explain a concept that’ll be the general theme of the episode, and while they do so they also try to make it comedic. And to me, they’re failing on both fronts. I don’t really need to be told what to expect from the episode, let alone have the concept explained to me like I was in a classroom and the human encyclopedia was my teacher.

And if that dude is the teacher, then I guess that makes Ruru the class clown. But the thing is, and feel free to disagree with me because it’s just a matter of preference, I don’t find her funny. At all. She makes quips at the some other character’s expense, talks to the audience frequently and bluntly tries to get the show back on track when it goes off on a tangent. To be honest, I feel she’s just unnecessary.

The only practical application she has is to cut off exposition and get back to the point. But the thing is, the exposition is already unnecessary, and through that makes her unnecessary. I kinda wish they’d just cut her from the show completely, or at least made her a more likeable character.

myriad ep 3 2

But despite Ruru, I actually find the rest of the show to be quite hilarious. Sure, a lot of it is slapstick, but it’s not let’s-abuse-someone-because-they’re-stupid slapstick. Well, not all of it. It’s more like let’s-abuse-the-human-encyclopedia-in-weird-sometimes-accidental-ways slapstick. Which I’m okay with, because he kinda has it coming, considering the amount of exposition he dumps on us every episode. It’s about time someone dumped on him. Or like, throw him through a window or something.

The fanservice is pretty comedic as well, as they find new ways to attack the same old tropes. It’s funny, even if it hasn’t actually aroused me once…yet.

Oh! We also saw some character development this time! It wasn’t much, but I’m glad we’re finally getting to know the characters, rather than the generic world and the details of the world that they keep shoving down our throats.

I find the chanting superfluous, Ruru annoying, and the exposition just as unneeded as Ruru. However, there’s still something to be enjoyed about this show, or so I keep telling myself. The characters are cute and extremely likeable (except Ruru), their mishaps haven’t failed to make me laugh yet, and the visuals are beautiful as always. I can enjoy this show, and therefore I will. I just wish it was better.

+ Still pretty

+ Some character development

+ Genuinely funny moments

– Ruru, the only character that doesn’t make me laugh

– Still exposition

– Not as much Izumi Reina

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 2

myriad ep 2 1.PNG

Okay, I’m kinda losing interest. Don’t worry, I’m not going to drop this show any time soon, otherwise I won’t have anything to review week after week. But whereas last week left me excited for what was next, this week gave me cause to be mildly concerned.

Mostly, it’s the exposition that’s troubling me. There’s just too much of it. Not a minute goes by where the main character isn’t explaining something to the others, as well as the audience. Or at least it feels that way to me. He is the definitive exposition device for this series, and because of it he lacks any personality traits that could help me actually remember his name.

Haruhiko Ichijo. I had to look that up, and although my memory isn’t what it used to be, it should still be able to remember the name of the main character after two episodes. And it’s not like the creators don’t know he’s boring. The other characters in the show often comment and cut him off from rambling about the details of the world, calling every piece of information he dishes out as “useless trivia”.

myriad ep 2 2

And it really is useless. I could easily do without knowing the origins of their powers or why they have to chant something whenever they use their power. In fact, I’d be better off with that because the explanations feel like they’ve been added after the fact. As if they’re justifications for why things are how they are.

But it doesn’t need to justify itself. I was enjoying myself just fine when it was fighting and fanservice with self-aware comedy on the side. Substance can come later on down the road, but right now I want to learn more about these characters, not this world. But aside from what I want, the exposition is so bluntly executed that I could not care either way.

Since I went on for four paragraphs about what was wrong with this show, let’s look at the positives, shall we? The visuals were great, as usual. I actually keep a tally on when I’m not visually invested in the show, and thankfully this week’s episode racked up a solid 1. It’s always fun to watch Mai kick into action, and this episode was no different. I’m even okay with the body feel-up chant that she does. It hasn’t really aroused me at all, but I can only hope that it’s getting someone off in this wonderful world that we live in.

myriad ep 2 3

And of course, Reina Izumi is fantastic. A strong contender for waifu of the season.

+ Self groping

+ Entertaining action

+ Izumi Reina


– Boring main character

– Focus on world, rather than characters

Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 1

That’s right, another new segment thingy! Week after week I will be reviewing (kinda) each episode of Myriad Colors Phantom World. The show simulcasts every Wednesday, so I will try to get my review out as soon as possible. Today’s Friday though, so I kinda dropped the ball on that one. Perhaps we can call this Myriad Colors Thursdays, but I’ll post on Wednesday nights if I have the time. Sound good? Okay.

phantom world 1

Heheheh…I like this show. The characters are cute, the animation is top notch, the fanservice is…well, it’s fanservice. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, I actually find the fanservice in the show really comical and self-aware. The show obviously know the tropes it’s treading on, and instead of falling down that slippery slope, it brings something unique and funny to the table. I’m not really getting aroused by any of this, but it doesn’t fail to put a smile on my face.

phantom world 2

Speaking of smiling, the incredibly gorgeous scenery and animation left me grinning from ear to ear. Seriously, this is a fucking beautiful show, without a single moment lacking visual appeal (and not just because of boobs). But I’d expect nothing less from KyoAni.

Now onto the actual plot/story/whatever, I must say that this episode felt a little heavy on the exposition. Not enough to leave a bad taste, but still noticeable enough to take me out of the experience. The main character spouts most of the exposition, in attempts to give us more of a feel and understanding of the world they live in. But even after all that, I only have a basic understanding of what’s going, and I don’t quite get how they’re powers work. Oh well.

Also, Izumi Reina…kawaii as fuck. And voiced by Saori Hayami! Definitely waifu material.


+ Fanservice…I’ll allow it

+ Very pretty visuals

+ Izumi Reina

– A little too much exposition?

– “Magic”