Myriad Colors Phantom World, Episode 3

myriad ep 3 1Why most there be an introduction to every episode of this show? I’m starting to feel like it’s just there to use time. In these intros, they take the time to explain a concept that’ll be the general theme of the episode, and while they do so they also try to make it comedic. And to me, they’re failing on both fronts. I don’t really need to be told what to expect from the episode, let alone have the concept explained to me like I was in a classroom and the human encyclopedia was my teacher.

And if that dude is the teacher, then I guess that makes Ruru the class clown. But the thing is, and feel free to disagree with me because it’s just a matter of preference, I don’t find her funny. At all. She makes quips at the some other character’s expense, talks to the audience frequently and bluntly tries to get the show back on track when it goes off on a tangent. To be honest, I feel she’s just unnecessary.

The only practical application she has is to cut off exposition and get back to the point. But the thing is, the exposition is already unnecessary, and through that makes her unnecessary. I kinda wish they’d just cut her from the show completely, or at least made her a more likeable character.

myriad ep 3 2

But despite Ruru, I actually find the rest of the show to be quite hilarious. Sure, a lot of it is slapstick, but it’s not let’s-abuse-someone-because-they’re-stupid slapstick. Well, not all of it. It’s more like let’s-abuse-the-human-encyclopedia-in-weird-sometimes-accidental-ways slapstick. Which I’m okay with, because he kinda has it coming, considering the amount of exposition he dumps on us every episode. It’s about time someone dumped on him. Or like, throw him through a window or something.

The fanservice is pretty comedic as well, as they find new ways to attack the same old tropes. It’s funny, even if it hasn’t actually aroused me once…yet.

Oh! We also saw some character development this time! It wasn’t much, but I’m glad we’re finally getting to know the characters, rather than the generic world and the details of the world that they keep shoving down our throats.

I find the chanting superfluous, Ruru annoying, and the exposition just as unneeded as Ruru. However, there’s still something to be enjoyed about this show, or so I keep telling myself. The characters are cute and extremely likeable (except Ruru), their mishaps haven’t failed to make me laugh yet, and the visuals are beautiful as always. I can enjoy this show, and therefore I will. I just wish it was better.

+ Still pretty

+ Some character development

+ Genuinely funny moments

– Ruru, the only character that doesn’t make me laugh

– Still exposition

– Not as much Izumi Reina

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