Final Thoughts on Anime Summer 2016

This Art Club Has a Problem!

Screenshot (769).png

This Art Club is by far my favorite show this season. It’s a delightful comedy-romance with a fair range of enjoyable characters. There are a handful of fun side characters that dip into the show occasionally, and then there’s the main cast of loveable weirdos that are incredibly hard to dislike. We’ve got an anxious love-struck girl, a charming Otaku that (much like Keima from The World God Only Knows) has given up on the 3D world, a very listless club president, and an energetic loli, plus a chuunibyo that comes in later. They all have nice archetypes and are given enough personality to stray from being too “cookie-cutter”. Continue reading

First Impressions of Summer Anime 2016

91 Days

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Ooh, a good, old-fashioned mafia-action-murder-mystery-revenge flick! While the premise is pretty basic and the animation isn’t anything special, 91 Days manages to hold my interest with its well-choreographed fight scenes and endless sense of intrigue. Angelo wants vengeance on the people that took his family away from him as a young child, and it seems like he’s willing to do anything in pursuit of that goal. The show knows to give a clear objective so the audience isn’t left feeling aimless and unsure of an actual ending. That being said, 91 Days also knows how to withhold informational, leaving plenty of discoveries for the road ahead. We start knowing that the murders have some tie to the mafia. Other than that, Angelo has to earn the details of his family’s death through his dangerous infiltration of the mafia. He doesn’t know who killed his parents or why, but he will, and that’s what’s so exciting about the show. Continue reading