Issues with “Fanservice” (Part 3)

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Some people tend to get so caught up in how a character looks (portrayed through design and cinematography) that they overlook what’s truly important: their personality and actions. A lot of assumptions can be made of a creator based off of, well, what they create. While some things may very clearly feel like they were meant for some sort of purpose (like gratuitous titillation), these assumptions cannot become anything more than that without an overt, conscious admittance from the people who made it themselves. Not to mention that it would need to be taken to the Nth degree for a creator to actually confess to propagating some sort of negative world view through their work, thereby justifying any belief that there was wrongdoing involved in the making of any particular piece of art. Continue reading

Why Is Love So Hard? – A I’ve Always Liked You Review

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I did not like I’ve Always Liked You. To put it bluntly, this 1-hour and 3-minute long movie is shallow, generic, and all-around meaningless. Its sole purpose is to showcase the moments of high love confessions, in ways that are neither clever nor original. Just like many other stories in the genre of romance, I’ve Always Liked You uses these confession as a sort of “payoff”, yet it doesn’t offer up any kind of worthwhile setup for them. The characters are also unmemorable and lack any compelling motivations or adversities. While the animation and music are of an acceptable quality, from a narrative standpoint this film is plain mediocre. But let’s dig a little deeper than that, shall we? Continue reading