Thoughts on the Looks of Your Name

Screenshot (1361).png

Friday, April 7th, I went and saw Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) in theaters. Going in, I didn’t know very much what to expect from the film, aside from what I’ve come to expect from any Makoto Shinkai film. I barely had read anything about the movie, watched no previews—let alone Reviews—, and for the most part I could tell by just the general Otaku population’s reaction that this was a movie I should probably go out and see. While Your Name did tick off most every box for a Shinkai film—revolves around a relationship, portrays relationship in a summary narrative style using montage, has gorgeous 3D rendered environments, and so on—there were still plenty of surprises to be had. So, to avoid those surprises, as well as to give myself more time to think about this film, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to speaking more about the visual aspects of Your Name, rather than delve into the delightfully clever narrative and the spoilers that stem from it. I definitely want to watch it again before I write any “official” review, but for now know that this film is worth watching (if for some reason you didn’t know already). Continue reading