What Persona’s Gameplay Says About the Reality of Relationships


Persona is one of my favorite game franchises to ever exist, and the reason for that isn’t as simple as one might assume. Sure, having brilliant characters to fall in love with and an immaculately stylish soundtrack help the game win regard, but what really puts the series far above average for me is its ingenious gameplay mechanics and the profound philosophical implications that stem from them. But before we delve into that, I need to first explain what is Persona. Continue reading

Anime Students That Need To Follow Dress-Code

Follow the rules, damn it! You can’t just go to school wearing whatever the hell you want! There’s a dress-code in place, so why do you think you’re above it? Everyone around you complies with it, so why are you so stubborn? Why do you feel the need to express yourself through clothing when the rest of us just want to fit in? Do you feel the need to differentiate so that senpai will notice you? Well guess what? It’s going to take a lot more than that to be best girl.

So here’s a list of anime students that need to follow dress-code.

Persona 4 – Chie Satonaka:

p4g chie.jpg

Seriously, do you shower with that jacket? It’s enough that you have this weird obsession with meat and kung fu, you don’t need to make a fashion statement to prove you’re different. Seriously, you can go one day without wearing green. It won’t kill you.

Persona 4 – Yukiko Amagi:

p4g yukiko

Well if it isn’t little miss Yukiko, heir to the Amagi Inn. Look, I know you think you’re a bigshot because your family owns a hot springs, but that doesn’t make you above school dress-code. Wear your uniform, Red, or I may just have to throw you into a Television.

Persona 4 – Naoto Shirogane:

p4g naoto

Cool it, Magnum P.I., you can’t wear hats in school. Also, where did you get that gun? I’m not going to judge you for wearing a boy’s uniform, you be who you want to be, but there are no hats and certainly no guns allowed in school. Also, I don’t understand why people think you’re best girl when Rise Kujikawa exists. Different strokes, I guess.

Nisekoi – Seishiro Tsugumi


Again, totally fine with your choice of male clothing. Stick it to those gender norms. However, could you at least wear the correct uniform? Also, no guns.

Nisekoi – Marika Tachibana

best girl 7

Okay, even best girls can make mistakes. I’ll forgive you on this one, Marika, but you should really consider getting the actual uniform. I’m sure it’d look great on you. #TeamMarika

Myriad Colors Phantom World – Mai Kawakami

myriad rack

Our latest offender seems to wear a yellow sweater vest over her uniform. Although that’s not too egregious, Reina Izumi is best girl, so you don’t have that privilege. Sorry.

And that’s it for now, folks! Who am I missing? I’m sure there’s a ton I’ve overlooked. Feel free to comment or tweet at me (@crispyn64) and perhaps I’ll update this list one day. Thank you, and see you next time.An