Otaku in Anime: Keima Katsuragi

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Here’s a topic I’ve been meaning to get around to for quite a while. It all started last summer anime season when I was watching This Art Club Has a Problem!. During it, I couldn’t help but notice what I thought was an annoying flaw in an otherwise decent comedy show. My problem with This Art Club Has a Problem! was one which involved the portrayal of Otaku. Now, I’m not saying the show was bad due to its inability to see Otaku culture for what I see it to be. Rather, it failed to define its own perspective in a way that was anything more than a pretty basic stereotype. The character Uchimaki is shown to be a head-in-the-clouds waifu-lover whose simple passion serves to be the butt of most of the show’s jokes. Usami (main character) goes throughout the entire show not trying to look deeper into his hobby, but rather spends most of her time scoffing at it and questioning why she had to fall in love with such a weirdo. Continue reading