It’s Feature Week, Baby!

owari araragi 2That’s right, every day for the next week, I will be releasing a new feature blog post for your reading pleasure. Writing quality posts is harder than it looks, but I figured I’d go all out to ring in the New Year! And with the New Year comes new surprises, the first being the launch of my brand-spanking new blog, There Goes My Kokoro.

About “There Goes My Kokoro”

First and foremost, the name. I had a really hard time coming up with this, as titling things isn’t really my strong suit. After weeks of soul searching, I still couldn’t find a name that suited me. Only a few days before my planned launch of New Year’s Day did I find my answer. So I would like to thank Toru Sato, a random commenter on the YouTube video “Your Lie In April op 2 full”, uploaded by Ivan Rea. “There Goes My Kokoro” was inspired by his fondness of the wallpaper used in the video, and it inspired me to google “There Goes My Kokoro” and find that no one had yet acquired the domain. Again, thank you, Toru Sato, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Now, about the blog itself. You see, even though Tumblr was a fine place for my blog, I felt it was necessary to move to a place more room for expansion, customization, and revenue opportunities. To be honest, I don’t really have a tight grip on the situation, and am trying to learn the inner workings of WordPress as I go along. That being said, I am not abandoning my Tumblr just yet, so don’t you worry. The goal is to find a way so that my two blogs can complement each other. Tumblr seems to have a more social aspect whereas WordPress is seemingly more professional. Of course, this is just me talking from basic research, and I don’t know enough to decide if one is better than the other. We shall see in due time, but for now I’m going to play around with the two, and hopefully find what is the best for you, my reader.

One thing (or multiple) you might see from me in the future is more art and videos. Designing a site is harder than I imagined, but I will try to make this the best that I can. Follow me on Twitter for updates on the matter, as well as all the other shit I do. Thank you, and have a great year.

owari ragi 3

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