Woah…Didn’t See That Coming (Erased First Impressions)

erased 1.PNGHoly shit, this show. This show…holy shit. I’m impressed. Like, really fucking impressed. Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) is just…superb. There’s really nothing like it (that I’m aware of) and I’m shocked that it’s got me so engrossed and excited for more.

I’m two episodes in, by the way. Also, SPOILER ALERT! Go watch the show first.

Even just visually, this show is fantastic. Sure, it’s no work of SHAFT (or as I call them, God) but it’s pretty damn good. Now, I’m no expert on the matter, but even I can see that the level of detail put into the show far exceeds anything I could’ve expected. Moving shots, playing with perspective and more. I don’t know, maybe I just find that really cool, and uncommon.

There’s really nothing like it. I said that, and what I meant by it was that the plot feels fresh, unique, original. Redundant, yes, but I felt it needed repeating. I’ve never seen time travel executed so smoothly, and feel so mysterious yet plausible. I’m not lost in a web of cause and effect, but instead caught in the moment, excited to see where Fujinuma takes me.

erased 2

And Fujinuma is a respectable protagonist. Not too interesting but not too uninteresting either, he’s a suitable character to follow as this plot unveils before him. Of course, the most intriguing character has to be Hinazuki. She’s one of those really smart kids that talks like an adult because she’s been beaten down by reality already, as well as possibly her abusive parents. Therefore, she has a nice cadence with Fujinuma, who is actually an adult, just trapped in the body of a child. More so, it’s really fucking cute how the other kids think he has a crush on her.

Also, the OP is dope. Dank. Amazeballs. Is that what you kids say these days? Whatever, the point is I’ve been listening to it over and over and over, and I dance to it every day, hum it at work, and play it whenever I have a break. Really good stuff.

erased 3

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