Myriad Color Phantom World, Episode 6

myriad ep 6 1.PNG

Hey, just a heads up, there will probably be more screenshots in this post than usual. I usually try to limit myself, but I just don’t have the heart to leave out any this episode.

myriad ep 6 2

I mean, they were all so good. Throughout the entirety of the episode, the visuals were incredibly gorgeous, some might even say stunning. My favorite had to be at the beginning, but perhaps I’m just a sucker for good reflection. Anyway, the whole show left me feeling warm inside, and part of that I believe was just due to the color palette. Bright but never clashing, the beautiful visuals actually took my focus away from the actual story a couple times when watching.

myriad ep 6 4

But that may also be due to the fact that this was probably, in terms of plot, the simplest episode yet. In the beginning, Kurumi lacks confidence, but by the end she realizes it’s time for her to step up and protect her friend, just like how her friend had protected her many times before. Basically, the resolution resolved her resolve.

myriad ep 6 5

And so now she can finally be a prominent member of the Phantom Hunters, or whatever the hell they’re called. It’s all nice though, and there are cute and touching moments and stuff, it was a fine episode. What’s important now is that (hopefully) all the characters have been sufficiently introduced. It’s time to see them all work together, and hopefully go through a story arc with actual meaning. Or, you know, keep doing the whole “Phantom of the Week!” thing.

myriad ep 6 6

Oh, and bear pun(s)! (Not entirely sure if there was more than one.)

myriad ep 6 3

+ Visuals!!! A++

+ Bear pun(s)

+ No chanting!

– Still exposition and intro

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