The Déjà vu and Differences Between Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei

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I’m getting Oreimo vibes. It’s only a little though (though I think I’d rather prefer a lot), but there’s something about Eromanga Sensei that gives me a similar nostalgic feeling. That feeling is of Déjà vu, in a sense, because I’m noticing a pattern within myself when it comes to these two shows: I love side characters and hate the main. And it’s not because she’s so young, or the fact that she’s his sister, or any other taboo that confronts with an ideology of common societal norms that would prevent me from enjoying a fictional story. No, I just don’t like her because much like Kirino, she doesn’t deserve it.

Sagiri finds annoying ways to avoid coming to terms with her feelings, lashing out and turning redder than Persona 5’s color palette, and overall just making the progression of a relationship needlessly hard. While she’s nowhere near the level of tsundere of Kirino, she does tend to throw little fits and resort to silent treatments as punishments for crimes that the protagonist clearly doesn’t understand he even committed. Because of that, it would take more time to open her heart, and that’s time that would honestly be better spent on cool characters like Kuroneko, or in this case, Elf Yamada.

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Having only met three of the side characters in the series so far, though only one of which has been given a considerable amount of time, I can tell Elf Yamada is already a far more interesting and unique character. A very eccentric erotic novelist, her ways of writing she keeps fairly secret, but her methodology she wears on her sleeve when talking to Masamune. She understands what her place is as a writer, and is comfortable being prolific in her own field (that field being smut). Yamada can become serious when need be, but she still takes on charmingly childish tactics and has a sense of whimsy, or carelessness that makes her easily approachable once you pass the brief, hoity exterior. Also, she plays piano naked, so that’s cool.

These character dynamics, and/or rather, my preferences of relationships, are the only things reminds me of Oreimo. Aside from that, the start of this show is very different from the despite what you might believe from a slight glance. Yes, it’s a brother and his cute little sister, and yes, the brother has to help his cute little sister hide her secret, but if you look at the characters themselves, you’ll find that the start of their relationship is quite dissimilar.

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Masamune isn’t brought into the world of otaku, he already is one. Sagiri isn’t ashamed of her hobby, so much as she’s a shut in and careful not to reveal her identity whatsoever. A huge part of Oreimo was Kirino showing Kyousuke this whole new world of otaku culture, giving him a new perspective on life and an appreciation for something that the majority of society deems invaluable, and perhaps detrimental to the growth of a human being. Masamune and Sagiri already understand the culture of which they work in, and so they do not have that support beam to hold their relationship.

Instead, their relationship is a partnership, brought on by Masamune’s goal to create a light novel about his lovely little sister. And before I wrap up this post, I need to talk about the thing that irks me with this setup. Why does Masamune love Sagiri? She’s a shut in. They practically had no relationship before the incident that brought them together, so why does he suddenly love her? And to add insult to injury, he loves her as his sister! So, it’s apparently not romantic love, even though Sagiri clearly wants it to be romantic love? It lacks any build up, and his draft of the story is never revealed to the audience, so we still haven’t learned any conceivable good reason for these two to have such feelings. Oreimo had an acceptable outcome (though I’m sure some of you might find that debatable), one that had plenty of context for what was in store at the end, no spoilers. Eromanga Sensei however, appears to completely jumped the gun, and the confessions they make are void of impact because of it.

Anyway, I’ll continue to watch if simply because Elf Yamada, but I hope this show starts explaining things quick. Thanks for reading.

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Oh, and one more thing: I’m taking a short break from writing. Probably just for one week, so don’t expect anything this weekend. As for why I’m doing this, well…I hate giving excuses, but I hate lacking context even more. So, here’s my context: I’m a college student and this is finals week. I’ve been able to manage my school life and my life as an aniblogger in my first year of There Goes My Kokoro. However, things started to pile up in many different aspects of my life, and for the past few months it’s been nothing short of a struggle just to keep up. I think I’ve finally gotten on top of things again, but I am damn tired. So I will rest, and hopefully come back refreshed enough to give you some great new articles. I know I’ve said it once already, but thank you very much for reading. See you in the near future.

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