Why I Dropped Fuuka & Aquarion Evol



Episodes 5/12

If you read my last weekend feature about Fuuka and clichés, then you probably know why I’m dropping this show. That being said, I’m going to quickly run through everything wrong with this anime right now, because I feel it necessary to understand what I like and dislike, and it’s a good exercise to convey that to others. I could just drop shows I find myself not enjoying and move on with my life, but instead I try to think hard about what it is that makes me feel the way I do. By doing this, I take what would have otherwise been just a waste of time and turn it into a learning experience. Also, I’m just reluctant to drop anything. Continue reading

Fuuka & Dealing with Clichés

Screenshot (1256).png

When it comes to fictitious storytelling mediums, there’s something I commonly hear from people who enjoy such things that tend to rub me the wrong way. I presume it’s because I take a much more individualistic approach to everything I see and do, but it always befuddles me when someone tells me they have a certain aversion for a genre. Now, I rephrased it more delicately here, though in reality it usually comes out as “I hate (blank genre)”. This…confuses me at first, because why would some hate a broad categorization? And wouldn’t such a definitive statement imply that one has seen everything there is to see in said genre? As only then could one come to such a conclusion about such a wide variety of things. To use a simple analogy, it’s like saying you hate Puerto Ricans because you met one before and they happened to be an asshole. Continue reading

First Impressions of Anime Winter 2017

Konosuba 2

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I’ve already asked this on Twitter a couple of times, but I want to repeat it because I still haven’t really gotten an answer: Is it just me or is this season of Konosuba way funnier than the last? I say this because I find myself laughing much harder and more frequently in these past two episodes than I feel I had in the entirety of season one. That isn’t to say season one was bad. In fact, that set up was entirely necessary, as without it season two (especially the first episode) could never had hit as hard as it did. There were so many hilariously references to their past misadventures that I couldn’t keep count, utilized in the brilliant way of trying to provide a defense for Kazuma’s character, but ultimately backfiring and proving himself to be a perverted, panty-stealing delinquent. Continue reading

Anticipating Anime Winter 2017

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With the new year comes a new anime season, and thanks to the great lineup I had the pleasure of viewing last fall, I can’t help but brace for disappointment this coming winter. There doesn’t look to be as many heavy hitters this season, and out of the six shows I’ve been eyeing so far, only two of them can be considered safe bets. Still, I’d like to share with you my plans for this season and leave myself open to suggestions, as I’m also looking for an anime to review episodically. Hopefully this winter works out well for me, because I’m basically taking four shots in the dark. But on the bright side, if things don’t work out, I still have a vast backlog to dip into. Continue reading