Konosuba -Where will it go from here?

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Now, for those of you that haven’t been keeping up with anime simulcasts in winter 2016, or perhaps just this show in particular, Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! is yet another show that lends itself to the ever popular trapped-in-a-game sub-genre…or at least, something close to that. You see, our main protagonist Kazuma Satou isn’t actually trapped in a video game. He died, and this typical mmo rpg-esque world is his afterlife.

Because of this, his goal never is to escape this place, but to learn to live and thrive in it. Furthermore, the show offers up a grander objective of defeating the Demon King, but the path to that is much longer than Kazuma expected. Just moving up from remedial labor to monster slayer takes several episodes, and then when he finally drops the tracksuit for a more adventurous look, Kazuma still finds trouble trying to move up in the world. This is mostly due to the never ending debt that his comrades keep accruing from their consistent and unintended destruction of everything around them.

So far, this has made the episodes end in roughly the same place they started. This lack of progression makes me wonder if the show plans to go anywhere. Konosuba seems to be more comedy-centric, rather than be focused on characters or plot. That isn’t to say they’re completely forgotten, however. There have been episodes that make callbacks to previous moments in the show, meaning there is continuity and an overall storyline here. Even though Konosuba relies on humor and has fun downplaying the serious moments in the show, those moments do happen, and a bond seems to be forming (or has already been formed) in this party of misfits.

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And this all just begs the question: Where will Konosuba go from here? Is this just the start of a grander adventure or the platform for a quest-of-the-week kind of show? Maybe it’s a combination of both, or perhaps it’s just a wacky and somewhat satirical take on the genre it lends itself to. Or it might just become something else entirely, as the show already seems to do whatever the hell it wants. Personally, I hope this show goes on for maybe another one or two seasons and that’s it, but that’s just me preferring my shows to have an end in sight.

But what do you think about this show so far? Any ideas on where it could lead us? And do you like Megumin as much as I do? I doubt it, but feel free to leave your comments below, and check back next week for another feature post. Thanks for reading!

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